I remember going to my sister’s gymnastics meets back when we were younger. She used to KILL IT, and I was so proud.

She’s the reason I always catch those events when the Olympics come around. The things the human body can do!!! That shit is amazing.

I need to learn how to flip again. I used to know how, until I did a backflip off of a fence and landed dead on my ass.

I haven’t attempted a flip since, and probably lost it.

I need to practice on a trampoline.

I’m scared

I feel like if I put “do michelle obama got the cakes or nah” in google, Obama’s gonna send a drone to shoot me in the nuts.

Or maybe he’ll just send a virus to my shit.

I know he got the eyes and ears everywhere.

Chill, Obama!

The second thing I thought of when I woke was

"Do Michelle Obama got a booty?"

Tbh I’ve never looked to see.

I woke up this morning thinking about how there’s really no way to express or stress the way my love works through words alone. Words, powerful though they may be, simply aren’t strong enough to define a love that is all-encompassing.

It takes action. I feel like my actions scream love, but I guess even the loudest screams lose steam over great distances.

Pay me no mind, I’m just chewing on thoughts.